• Alteya’s Rose Otto (Rose Oil) - Rose Harvest 2023

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    A rose grower, distiller and beauty maker, with our own organic and natural rose farms in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley, Alteya specializes in the cultivation and harvesting of the Bulgarian Rose, steam-distilling our own Rose Oil (Otto), and offering it to our customers worldwide.

    Every year, our main focus is the production of the highest quality Bulgarian Rose Oil available on the world markets. We employ well-known experts who monitor and manage the rose cultivation, harvesting, and rose oil production. We work closely with the Government-appointed rose oil laboratories and institutions to ensure that our essential rose oil meets and exceeds all industry standards.

    We meticulously select our rose plants, handpick the rose blossoms, and distill essential oil that embodies the marriage of century-old traditions with modern technology. Our Bulgarian Rose oil is obtained through a special distillation method that preserves the biodynamic energy of the rose plant. Because of the unique climatic conditions and geologic settings in the area, our rose oil is considered of premium quality with a very rich, multilayered fragrance.

    Growing roses, producing Rose Otto, and making the purest skin care based on the Rose Otto, is our main business and as producers we are proud to offer an unsurpassed combination of industry’s best prices, top quality, and origin and purity guarantee available anywhere online.

    The Bulgarian Rose Otto (Rosa Damascena Bulgarian Essential Oil)

    Bulgarian Rose Oil, or Rose Otto, is the essential oil extracted from the petals of one of the rarest flowers in the world, the Bulgarian Rose Damascena; which is only cultivated and harvested in the Rose Valley of Kazanlak (also known as the “Bulgarian Rose Valley”). Because of its amazing properties, multiple applications in skin care, medicine, aromatherapy, and fine perfumery, and extremely limited supply very year, pure genuine Bulgarian Rose Otto is considered one of the most precious essential oils in the world.

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  • Rose Otto Orders

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  • Deep and sweet rose scent. 100% pure, my favorite.


  • Rose Oil (Otto) Certification

    The rose oil is certified by the Bulgarian Government-appointed laboratory at the Research Institute for Roses, Aromatic, and Medicinal Plants – the ultimate rose otto authority in the world. Each rose oil shipment includes its own Certificate of Analysis.

  • Rose Oil Certificate of Analysis

    Our rose oil is a 100% pure and natural steam-distilled rose essential oil product.



Rose Oil vc Rose Absolute and Rose Concrete

  • Rose Oil vs Rose Absolute

    Bulgarian Rose Oil (Rose Otto) is produced through Steam Distillation of fresh rose flowers. Our rose oil is a 100% pure and natural product that is used in creams, lotions, soaps, and perfumes for its mild anti-viral and bactericidal properties, as well as for its fragrance. The water, left from the distillation of rose oil, is never used again, which is a key difference from many other companies who save costs by reusing the by-product of rose oil and market it as rose water. Alteya runs a separate distillation cycle to produce the famous Alteya rose flower water (aka Rose Water) beneficial for cleansing and refreshing dry, sensitive skin. Besides being used as a medicine in history, the rose oil has a long history as one of the most important ingredients in most luxury skin care products and is often referred to as “liquid gold”.

    Bulgarian Rose Absolute is produced through a refined, liquid solvent extraction of fragrant compounds from fresh rose flowers. Although the rose absolute contains essential oil compounds it differs from distilled essential oils. The rose absolute oil is a concentration of aromatic compounds including essential oil constituents. Rose absolute is widely used in perfumery, cosmetics, aromatherapy and many other areas.

    Rose Otto has more concentrated rose-honey like notes comparing with rose absolute where the fresh-green scent is dominated. Alteya is proud to offer both Bulgarian Rose Oil and Bulgarian Rose Absolute directly from our rose fields in the Bulgarian Rose Valley.

    Bulgarian Rose Concrete

    Our Bulgarian Rose Concrete is obtained by cold extractions of fresh rose blossoms of the Bulgarian oil-yielding rose (Rosa Damascena) with an organic solvent like hexane. Around 350kg of flowers are needed to produce 1kg of rose concrete, which explains why our Rose Concrete is less expensive than our Rose Oil. The Bulgarian Rose Concrete is considered the highest quality Rose Concrete in the world. It is a waxy semi solid material which has multiple uses in perfumery and cosmetics and is one of the most popular solid perfumes worldwide.


“I use Bulgarian Rose Oil when i meditate. It calms and supports my heart center, inspiring a sense of happiness and well-being….”

David Krise, San Francisco

“…I mix the rose oil with sandalwood and jasmine during massages.Clients love it. Thank you for this product!”

Plamen Blagoev, FL