Organic Sutainability

Three women carrying bags through a picturesque field of Bulgarian rose flowers in Alteya's rose fields.

We of Alteya Organics believe that organic principles, agriculture sustainability, care for the environment and beauty can go hand in hand. By caring for the beautiful fragrant roses, creating wonderful products for the skin and the senses, and supporting our local community, we believe we embody the key principles of what a Green Company should be and how a Green company should act.

These are part of our Organic Sustainability Practices:

  1. All products of Alteya Organics are USDA certified organic. The USDA Organic standard is the world’s most strict organic standard that requires a minimum of 95% of the ingredients to be certified organic and the remaining less than 5% to be specially approved by USDA, included in a short list of recognized products. No other organic standard comes even close to being this organic.

  1. We are now one of just a selected few companies in the world that are true Organic Beauty companies and have its own Organic Rose Fields, operating under strict biodynamic, sustainable and socially responsible practices. Meaning we have:

– full quality control over the harvesting process, crops, and production;

– complete traceability of our manufacturing process;

– none of the our rose fields being sprayed with pesticides;

– no parabens, or other chemical or harmful ingredients in any of our products.

We are proud to operate under the “From the Organic Farm to Your Skin” principle to create the purest, most powerful skin care possible.

  1. The agriculture part of our business is built on an ancient, centuries old, traditional practice of growing the world-wide renowned oil-bearing ‘Rosa Damasena’ rose in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley. We keep and honour this tradition and simultaneously invest and make use of the most modern techniques and latest research. In this way, we have combined the best of both worlds and cultivated a unique process pillared on sustainability and social responsibility.
  2. Our distillation methodology for rose oil and rose water is proprietary and unique, and entirely environmental friendly. It utilizes the thermal water available at our rose fields. It is based on 400-year old traditional methodologies that customized and refined it over the years to minimize the waste of water used during distillation.
  3. Our environmental impact is minimal as there is no heavy industry or machinery involved in any of our processes. The planting of seeds, the harvesting of the roses and extracting the rose oil and rose water are manual processes. We have implemented waste management programs at all of our fields to minimize any trash generated during the harvesting campaign by the several hundred rose pickers.
  4. We implemented several social responsibility programs. During harvesting, we hire minorities from the local villages (mostly Roma people), providing economic means to over four hundred families in the Rose Valley.
  5. Through our Facebook page, we actively raise awareness of key environmental issues, promote important sustainable events, and provide important information to our over 100,000 worldwide Facebook fans.
  6. Alteya Organics is fully committed to all these Organic Sustainability principles.