Rose Concrete from the
“Queen of Flowers”

Our Bulgarian Rose Concrete is obtained by cold extractions of fresh rose blossoms of the Bulgarian oil-yielding rose (Rosa Damascena Bulgaria) with an organic solvent (hexane).
Bulgarian Rose Concrete is an orange-red waxy semi-solid material with a fresh rose fragrance. Rose concrete is a product used for obtaining rose absolute and is a component in many cosmetics, skin care and perfumery products. It is one of the most popular solid perfumes worldwide.

Rose Concrete Uses

This exquisite softly solid concrete contains all the rose absolute, as well as the plant waxes that allow it to hold solid form at room temperature.
Rose Concrete can be applied to pulse points as a solid perfume or added in tiny amounts to a cream or balm.
Our Bulgarian Rose Concrete can be also melted with Mimosa and Jasmine waxes for your own solid perfume. Much softer than other waxes, you may add the rose concrete to a warmed carrier oil or the oil phase of a cream. It is semisolid at room temperature but does not need the extensive heating the waxes require.

Rose plantation

The Bulgarian Rose Valley. Nature at its best

Rose Concrete Info

Approximately 350kg of fresh rose flowers are needed to produce 1kg of rose concrete, which explains why our Rose Concrete is less expensive than our Rose Oil. The Bulgarian Rose Concrete is considered the highest quality Rose Concrete in the world and Alteya is proud to offer it directly to you from our rose fields in the Bulgarian Rose Valley.

Rose Concrete
Solvent Extraction

With solvent extraction, rose flowers are agitated in a vat with a solvent such as hexane, which draws out the aromatic compounds as well as other soluble substances such as wax and pigments. The extract is subjected to vacuum processing which removes the solvent for re-use. The remaining waxy mass is the rose concrete. To further obtain rose absolute, the rose concrete is then mixed with alcohol which disolves the aromatic constituents, leaving behind the wax and other substances. The alcohol is low-pressure evaporated, leaving behind the finished absolute. The absolute may be further processed to remove any impurities that are still present from the solvent extraction.

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Rose Concrete Warnings

The above is for information purposes only. This product is for external use only. Keep away from children. Avoid eye contact. Do not use during pregnancy. Not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease. Familiarize with pure essential oils, absolutes, and before use.