Rose Absolute from the “Queen of Flowers”

Our Bulgarian Rose Absolute is solvent extracted from petals of the Bulgarian Rose (Rosa Damascena Bulgaria).

rose absolute
Bulgarian Rose Absolute is an orange yellow, orange reddish or slightly olive yellowish viscous liquid of extremely rich, warm, spicy floral and very deep rose odor with a more or less pronounced honeylike backnote. The rose absolute diffusive power is only realized when the absolute is diluted or used at the concentration of a few percent or even less in a perfume base.

Rose Absolute Info

Rose absolute oil is made during a delicate process. Similar in a way to ‘effleurage’ (the pressing of petals in fat to produce an extract), the flower essence is extracted, with a wax-like ‘concrete’ being produced. Through a second extraction of the concrete, rose absolute oil is yielded. This method is more efficient than steam distillation, producing nearly 7 pounds of oil per 10,000 pounds of roses (distillation yields 1 pound oil per 10,000 pounds of roses), with a corresponding lower cost than a steam distilled variety – some find the absolute has a more ‘complete’ aroma, with more depth true to the Rose flower.

Rose Absolute Applications

The use of solvents preserves more of the fresh floral scent, making the absolute far better for perfumery, and perhaps for emotional uses.
The Bulgarian Rose Absolute Oil is known best for its sensuous and intense sweet and floral fragrance. Our Rose Absolute is suitable for all skin types and is a cell rejuvenator, an antiseptic, and a anti-inflammatory. The Rose Absolute is used in skin creams and lotions to soothe and heal various skin conditions, cuts, burns and to reduce swelling. The scent is definitely an aphrodisiac and is used to relieve stress and depression.

Rose Absolute Certification

Our rose absolute is a 100% pure product. The rose absolute is certified by the Bulgarian Government-appointed laboratory at the Research Institute for Roses, Aromatic, and Medicinal Plants – the ultimate rose otto authority in the world. Each rose absolute shipment includes its own Certificate of Analysis.

Certification 100% Pure

Rose Absolute
Certificate of Analysis

Rose Absolute Sertificate


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  1. Nora

    Love it!
  2. Daniela

    This rose absolute is high quality and smells wonderful! I use it to make my own perfumes. The aroma is sweet, rich and comforting - smells just like real roses.
  3. Dan

    Awesome product and service!
  4. odegra

    This is really lovely. The batch I got has a deep red hue, and a gorgeous aroma to pair. The scent is multilayered, balanced, delicate and persist; any rose-themed perfume will pale in comparison, with one whiff of this. Its drydown is flora and beautifully animalic, quite unique actually, and my personal favourite.

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