Calendula herbal oil /Calendula officinalis/

USDA certified organic

Bulgarian certified organic Calendula herbal oil from the Stara Planina and Sredna Gora mountain. It is infused in certified organic olive oil. It has great anti-inflammatory properties and vulnerary properties, making it excellent for help with stubborn wounds, ulcers, bed sores, varicose veins, bruises, rashes, eczema etc. This oil is great to help with sore, inflamed and itchy skin conditions, also for burns, eczema and nappy rash, as well as sore cracked nipples. It is also used to treat thread and spider veins as well as varicose veins. Calendula herbal oil has great healing, soothing and softening qualities which makes it a good choice to include when mixing a massage oil or preparing a carrier oil blend. Calendula oil makes an excellent base for salves, facial creams and many other natural cosmetics.

Therapeutic use: analgesic, anti-anemic, antibiotic, antidepressant anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, bactericidal, calmative, carminative, digestive, febrifuge, hepatic, hypnotic, nerve sedative, stomachic, tonic/ arthritis, boils, burns, chilblains, colic, cuts, wounds, dermatitis, dyspepsia, earache, eczema, headache, indigestion, inflammations, insect bites, insomnia, muscular pain, nausea, nervous tension, pain relief, rashes, rheumatism, sprains, toothache

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Milk Thistle carrier oil /Silybum marianum/

Milk Thistle carrier oil

Famous for its detoxifying effect on the body, our Milk Thistle Oil is 100% genuine. The main active ingredient in Milk Thistle is a flavonoid called silymarin, used for liver and gall bladder problems (supports the production of new liver cell to replace the old or damaged ones, and enhances the cellular membranes to block the absorption of harmful substances).

Skincare/Cosmetic use: silymarin acts as an anti-oxidant and protects from free-radical damage

Therapeutic use: general detox, liver disease, gall bladder disease, dyspeptic complaints, jaundice, hepatitis B and C, liver damage, cirrhosis, poisoning, minimizing the side effects of cancer chemotherapy, toxic liver damage, chronic liver inflammatory disease, hepatic cirrhosis, lowering cholesterol levels, stimulating lactation

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Apricot Kernel carrier oil /Prunus armeniaca/

USDA certified organic
Apricot Kernel carrier oil

Our Apricot Kernel Oil is certified organic, unrefined, 100% pure carrier oil. It is rich in essential fatty acids and is known for its ability to penetrate and nourish the skin without leaving an oily feel. Its moisturizing, revitalizing properties are effective in many cosmetics for dry, sensitive or mature skin. Apricot kernel oil is great carrier oil to be used as a base for home-made perfume and massage blends as well as in any beauty preparation.

Skincare/Cosmetic use: anti-aging, hydrating, protecting, healing, improves skinпїЅs elasticity and suppleness /sensitive skin, wrinkles, eczema, stimulates hair growth and skin rejuvenation. Perfumery: light, pleasant nutty odor. Blends well with any essential oil/carrier oil.
Therapeutic use: anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, healing, nourishing, lubricating/ dry, sensitive, mature skin, wrinkles, eczema, dermatitis, sun burns, burns, cuts, wounds, scars, muscular pain, rashes, skin irritations.

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Jojoba Carrier oil /Simmondisa chinensis/

USDA certified organic
Jojoba Carrier oil

Organic Jojoba Oil is the highest grade certified organic, cold pressed oil. It is a viscous, yet highly penetrative emollient that closely resembles the natural sebum within the skin. It provides excellent non-occlusive, non-greasy moisture control. It has been confirmed the effective use of Organic Jojoba as a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient in skin care. Organic jojoba offers the traits of both an oil and a wax to make it an ideal ingredient within soap, cream, lotion, balm and massage oil formulations. Jojoba is wonderful carrier for aromatherapy applications and is suitable for use as a perfume base.

Skincare/Cosmetic use: aging skin, sunburn, stretch marks, hair cleanser, absorption properties similar to our skins sebum
Perfumery: great perfume base Blends well with any essential oil/carrier oil.
Therapeutic use: anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, healing, nourishing, lubricating/ dry, sensitive, mature skin, wrinkles, eczema.

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Wheat Germ Carrier oil /Triticum vulgare/

USDA certified organic

The certified organic Wheat Germ oil is cold-press extract. It is the best quality wheat germ oil on the market. Wheat germ oil is rich is vitamins A, D and E. It is often used sparingly to prolong the shelf life of massage oils. It is very nourishing to the skin. Wheat germ oil prevents moisture loss from the skin, and it soothes irritated, sunburned, or burned skin. Wheat germ oil is especially beneficial within massage oil formulations. Because of its unrefined nature, this oil is very dark in color and heavy in odor. Wheat Germ oil contains linoleic, oleic, palmitic, and stearic fatty acids. These are needed for our cardiovascular, immune, nervous, reproductive systems, and to maintain healthy cells and body functions. Suitable for food and cosmetic use, however, it should not be used by those with wheat or gluten allergies, either externally or internally. For massage oil blends, it is recommended that you incorporate 10-15% Wheat Germ Oil into your oil blend.

Skincare/Cosmetics: dry, damaged, prematurely aging skin, sunburn, stretch marks, wounds, scars, bruises, burns, abrasions, eczema, antioxidant, improves lymph function
Perfumery: N/A
Therapeutic use: cardiovascular, immune, nervous, reproductive systems, and to maintain healthy cells and body functions

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