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  • BioDamascena_BodyLotion200
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    Bio Damascena Rose Body Lotion

    Nourishing and fragrant body lotion for smoother, softer skin

    6.8fl oz/200ml

    100% Natural, 97-99% Organic

    SKU: M9-IWHH-KJU1.


Rose Otto Body Lotion Bio Damascena

This rich, nourishing lotion is an organic treat for your whole body. It makes skin incredibly soft and glowing, melting away dullness and dryness. The rich botanical complex helps skin repair itself, providing deep nourishment and hydration and helps lock in moisture. The mesmerizing Rose aroma seduces the senses, inspires harmony and empowers the spirits.

Best for: moisturize, nourish

Recommended for: dry, normal skin

Additional information



Best for:

moisturize, nourishing

Recommended for:

dry skin, normal skin

How to use

For all over body hydration, massage into skin as often as needed.

Beneficial Ingredients

Rosa damascena / Organic Rose Oil-Rose Otto
Refreshes, nourishes and soothes the skin. Fights free radicals, stimulates collagen production and helps slow down the aging process. Has a toning and astringent effect on the capillaries just below the skin surface. Makes skin glowing and charming.
Simmondsia chinensis / Organic Jojoba Oil
Natural anti-oxidant famous for its anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties. It softens skin, slows down the moisture loss and aging.
Cocos nucifera / Organic Coconut oil
Instantly softens and hydrates skin. The oil is absorbed deep down the cell structures and helps limit the damage done by free radicals. It is know to improve skin’s resilience, strength and elasticity.
Macadamia integrifolia / Organic Macadamia Nut Oil
Emollient oil rich in fatty acids (palmitoleic acid). Nourishes and soothes dry, irritated, chapped skin, and provides some sunscreen protection.


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