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    Bulgarian Lavender
    Organic Liquid Soap

    Moisturizing gentle soap with relaxing lavender aroma

    8.5fl oz/250ml

    100% Natural, 97-99% Organic

    SKU: LA-GFTY-4GI4.


Organic Liquid Soap Bulgarian Lavender

Our Organic Lavender Soap is made of the finest, purest and most potent organic ingredients to gently clean and moisturize skin releasing the calming and restoring fragrance of fresh Lavender. The all-plant based formula utilizes the botanical richness of organic Jojoba, Olive and Coconut oil to soften and deeply moisturize skin and the fragrant Lavender and Ylang-ylang oil, to pamper body and mind and bring serenity and well-being.

Gentle head-to-toe soap suitable even for sensitive, dry or irritated skin.

Additional information



Best for:

moisturize, soften

Recommended for:

dry skin, irritated skin, normal skin, sensitive skin

How to use

Use for gentle cleansing of the face, hair and body.

Beneficial Ingredients

Lavandula Angustifolia / Organic Lavender Oil: Refreshes and soothes the skin. Its healing aromatherapeutic properties help relax the mind and reduce anxiety while stimulating mental capacity. It is known to help address skin problems related to acne and rashes.
Cananga odorata / Organic Ylang-Ylang: Balances skin by regulating oil production. Has toning and stimulating effect on the skin and possesses strong aromatherapeutic qualities-stabilizes mood swings, relaxes the nervous system and boosts sensuality.
Simmondsia chinensis / Organic Jojoba Oil: Natural anti-oxidant famous for its anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties. It softens skin, slows down the moisture loss and prevents flaking.
Cocos nucifera / Organic Coconut oil: Instantly softens and hydrates skin. It helps limit the damage done by free radicals and is know to improve skin’s resilience, strength and elasticity.


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